Friends in Need, 1994

Client: The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development

Distribution: McKinnon Films

Running Time: Approx. 58 minutes

Founded in 1961, the year of Kuwait’s independence, The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development since that time has supported aid projects effecting the lives of millions.

“Friends in Need” is a profile of the scope and scale of Fund’s current operations. By filming 14 selected subjects in ten countries covering projects as varied as river blindness in West Africa to an airport development in China, this film also presents the evolving philosophy of the Fund and its partnership with others in the world of aid.

Originally conceived as a source of development assistance for the Arab World, the Kuwait Fund is now operating with a capital of 7 billion dollars, in more than 100 countries world wide.

Thirty years ago, the emphasis for many newly independent countries was to develop infrastructure and an industrial base.Today, as the Fund expands into Latin America and the newly independent Russian Republics, increasingly the emphasis is on human development; keeping people on the land and developing traditional skills. It is a long-term vision of aid, offering real hope for the 21st century.


China, Maldives, UK, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Mali, Egypt, Kuwait, USA, Sri Lanka, Lebanon

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