Nile River of Gods, 1992-1995

First Broadcast: The Discovery Channel

Distribution: McKinnon Films and Discovery Enterprises Group

Running Time: Approx. 100 minutes

‘Nile River of the Gods’, an exploration of the Nile, its history and wildlife, is both a journey of discovery from the mountains of Central Africa to the teeming Egyptian Delta, and a voyage through time from the days of the earliest Pharaohs to the present. The life of the great river , depicted on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs, endures in the customs of the peoples of the Nile. See how they have lived for millennia in cultural equilibrium with the river and its wildlife.

Main Species

Fish Eagle, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Elephant, Saddlebill Stork, Craybill Stork, Giraffe, Vulture, Hyena, and Lion


Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Egypt


CINE Golden Eagle Award USA 1995

New York Film Festival Gold World Medal Award 1995


  • Producer / Director: Michael McKinnon
  • Narrator: F. Murray Abraham
  • Cinematographers: Chris Hooke and Hugh Miles
  • Composer: Robert Boyle
  • Written by : Charlie Pye Smith and Michael Olmert
  • Editor: John Hackney
  • Executive Producer: Tim Cowling
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