McKinnon Films

McKinnon Films is a production company founded in 1987 by Michael McKinnon to produce cultural, scientific, and natural history documentaries. Of some 70 films produced, encompasing 40 countries, most have been on Middle Eastern, African and Asian themes.

An extensive archive of film footage and stills of the Arabian Peninsula, the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf is available for purchase, as are DVDs of McKinnon Films’ documentaries and the books published to accompany them. McKinnon Films also produces films for museum display.

Honours received include Emmy awards for Tides of War and Kuwait’s Killing Tide, New York Film Festival ‘Gold Medal’ for Nile, River of Gods, Wildscreen ‘Panda’, Jackson Hole ‘Best Limited Series’ and I.Ci.Mar Film Festival ‘Gold Medallion’ for Arabia, Sand, Sea and Sky

Selected Projects

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